• About Me

    A bit about me. I have worked in the IT industry since leaving college. I live in Hampshire in the UK, although my sole is in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I like to travel in the form of a Road Trip!.

  • Arcade Collection

    Growing up with the arcade age in the 1980's. This has reflected on my life so in my home I have a dedicated games room. I also have a store & lockup filled with various arcade machines. When i get time I do play them or fix them up and sell them. Have a look here you never know you might see something for sale.

  • Cars - Past & Present

    Ive owned alot of cars, nothing special but a fair few. You can access my complete collection of motor vehicles ive owned past and present.

  • Charity Rallies

    In my spare time I have participated in some car rallys to raise money for charities. In 2009 I helped raise over £2000 for third world causes.I have also raised money by taking part in the 2010 Great South Run for MS. I have just completed a new charity car rally in 2015 which took a Taxi movie car from Blackpool to Benidorm in Spain. Raising money for cancer research.