Welcome to my website.

My name is Jon Pinckney

I have lived and breathed IT all my life. From working in Import & Export, Computer Maintenance for the likes of Amstrad & as a printer engineer for Hewlett Packard, I now work in the Education sector as an IT Manager. You will see from this site some of the things I like doing..have done or intend to do.



Like most people wherever I go I like to take photos, most of them are accessible on Google Earth and Google Maps, you can view them here on Panoramio .

My Photos

Some of the better examples of my photography. - Click here to view all my photos that are available on Google Earth


Road Trips

I like to drive... random trips wherever my heart takes me, longs road trips are best and I have done quite a few around the UK and Europe. I video every trip I go on , you can view them here.



Local Information

This is my live webcam, occasionaly its offline but most of the time you see a glimpse of a boring longe in Totton,, Hampshire in the UK.

Eastleigh Webcam