The Bupa Great South Run 2010


Due to a friends wedding, this years car rally was postponed. Instead I took the challenge of running a 10 Mile run to raise money for MS Society which effects a close friend of mine.

It was a very challenging time, as when I started training I couldnt run 100 metres without being out of breathe!.. Anyway some months later on the 24th October 2010 I completed the 10 Mile run in 2hrs and 19minutes, 11 minutes quicker than my predicted time. Considering that im not Mr Fit or Mr Slim. I was very happy with the result.


From this event I have managed to raise over £300 of MS Society.
Me running near the finish line     Collecting my medal.
I know the Benny Hat looks weird.. but I always run wearing it.. and the fetching orange.. well thats the MS Society colours.